|| About Me

Hello there!  I’m Mike Palzkill, a freelance Cinematographer based out of Madison, Wisconsin.

Raised in a small town outside of Madison, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema from Denison University in Granville, Ohio in 2009.  Upon graduating, I joined ProVideo & Film, Inc full-time (after two summer internships) as their Videographer/Studio Manager. 

While at ProVideo, I took every opportunity I could to learn and grow as a filmmaker, a cinematographer, and as a person.  And after four years of learning and developing the necessary skills, I decided in July 2013 to take the next step and venture into the world of freelance video production.

“Words, Michael.  Use your words…”  

Why Use Your Words…?  I'll be honest, words have never been my strong point.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a well-versed vocabulary and writing has always come easily to me.  But when it comes to speaking, well…there always seems to be a disconnect between my mind and mouth.  Indeed, in conversations with my sister over the years, she’s constantly had to say, “Words, Michael.  Use your words...”

So, in searching for a name for my company that was personal to me and relevant to what I want to do with my business, “Use Your Words” seemed like a natural choice.  Let me explain:

Words are one way to tell stories, yes.  But so are images.  And in the same way words can be strung together, combined to entertain, to persuade, and even move – so too can images. 

It is my job to tell your story visually.   To use images, light and composition to best tell a story in any given situation.  And for me, both personally and professionally, images are my words.  They are ultimately a way for me to both express myself, as well as to tell your story.