2015 Trek FX

Had the opportunity to shoot a consumer video for Trek's 2015 line of FX bikes in New York City a couple months ago.  The goal was to capture two friends using their FX bikes as a means to reach their fitness goals and escape the chaos of the city.  Edited by Popamatic Studios in Madison, I'm super happy with the end result.  And even better, my sister (an actress in NYC), was one of the talent!  Enjoy!

Trek Bikes - Émonda

I had the pleasure of working on a few portions of this video for Trek's new 10lb road bike.  I shot all of the in studio footage (the bike frames on white), as well as a good chunk of the Bergamo, Italy footage.  It was a fun project and I feel honored to have been a small part of such a big achievement (engineering a 10lb bike).  Check it out and let me know what you think!


Welcome to my blog!  Here I will post about work that I've done, work from others that I find interesting, and industry news that catches my eye.  Hopefully you'll find it interesting and informative.  Check back soon for the first "real" post!